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tv   [untitled]    January 12, 2012 3:31am-4:01am PST

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then as the lease it goes into its 18th month, then they would be paying their then-scheduled rents. -- rent. there will be -- the tenant will be responsible for the utility's. they have an operational plan they are trying to finalize. that is one of the reasons we are anxiously trying to get this put together. at this point, at the 10-year lease, not should we -- are there any questions on the 10- year lease? >> no, we will call that all at once. >> ok, i will keep going. so, we have come up with two license agreements for you that we -- they are basically the use
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of 2900 square feet, which is adjacent to the building, to pure 15 -- to appear 15. -- to appear -- to pier 50. if they do stay longer, they will be paying the full parameter rent. the license will expire after year regardless. it is considered an interim move while they are building up their office space. the second license, the 15075, i believe, is the use and access of the shed c soace as well as the ability -- shed c space as
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well as the ability to build out the shed a space. this will enable us to complete our hazardous materials removal that is going on at pier 27. they are trying to make this work for both policy -- parties. so, the current status is we are prepared. we spent quite a bit of time negotiating terms. frankly, if we have another day or two, i think we could have had it signed. is not signed quite yet the bank would just frankly ran out of time. we were working under a very compressed time frame. we have the objective of a signed lease and bought license agreements, so we are seeking your approval for both this
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lease, 15004 and both the licenses. and with that, i will be happy to answer any questions. >> thank you. president brandon: public comment? >> jerry schwartz. >> good afternoon, madam president, fellow commissioners, director moyer, and what staff is remaining. [laughter] i am the chief director of bauer's. i think jay degree job of describing our business. i think he did a great job. we have been in business since 1997, jay.
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the main focus of our business is what we call commuter business, and the main goal is to take cars off the road. i could not help but think about an idea that i just had. the very individuals that you mentioned in the marathon, the music festival, the treasure island music festival, all those events are events we provide transportation for. i am sure we can tie-in the distribution of water with clean, affected transportation. we of a very good relationship with onboard entertainment, which is the founder -- i should say, the presenter of the marathon. we are very interested and happy to stay in san francisco.
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it is very important to come up to our business. more importantly, to stay in the port. as jay said, we worked very closely. i want to commend jay and other members of the staff who have worked tirelessly with me to bring this to fruition. pier 50 is an ion tool location. -- is an ideal location. i think it works very well for both our businesses. we would hope that you would approve our arrangement here. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i just have a question, jay. the. versus -- the rent table versus
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the monthly credit, that is not after the rent credit? i am just trying to clarify. >> the rent credits will start on month eight. there are seven months of rent abatement. >> that would change the monthly rent that you love listed? >> yes, i am sorry. just to clarify. the actual rent will not start until the 18th month. >> ok, this is the gross rents? >> that is correct. yes. >> that does not have the credit reflected? >> no, that does not. >> what are the total rent credits? >> $550,000. those are for improvements such as bathrooms, electrical, mechanical, things that would outlast a tenancy for instance.
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that we would utilize for another tenant. >> what is the total? >> it is up to $550,000. that is the maximum. >> what is the parameter read? >> what is the parameter rent? >> yes. >> the parameter redwood before -- -- the parameter or rent would be for, for instance, up $1.75 for the shed and 22 cents for the yard. we are below the parameter rents for the first three years on the shed and yard. at that point it does go to parameter rent on year four.
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on shed a space, it is difficult to quantify the brent. have this office space. -- half is office space. you might have $1 rent. he would basically do that. so, after that, it does this at higher than normal schedule. we were above, exceeding 3%. >> i guess my question is was the difference in total number that we're losing compared to what we're getting? >> the total is $1.9 million, ok? we were craftiness based on the total value of the port.
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how this goes a round is, we had a number we stayed with. we moved around to accommodate the tenant. >> thank you. >> for the first 17 months, we are looking essentially at about $1 million that is a foregone? then we have the seven months of rent credit, and then we have the t.i., is that correct? >> it is actually $875,000. >> right. ok. so, i guess your total of $9 million -- that is the parameter and today and you redistributive did -- and you read distributed over 10 years? >> that is correct. >> is the $9 million included --
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in other words, you to the tenures of parameter wrens, came up with the $9 million, and you said it would be $9 million, but it is different. it is not pro rated. >> just one last -- deputy city attorney reminded me, this is subject to board approval, board of supervisors approval. >> thank you. all in favor? resolution is approved. >> thank you, commissioners. >> item 11, new business. >> is there any public comment
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on new business? >> commissioners, on new business, i just want to mention that the forward calendar for the january 10 meeting will now include an update on the cruise terminal as we discussed this morning, and it is our intention to bring you the ceqa findings on the project for mitigation at washington if that is adopted by the planning commission. if the eir is adopted by the planning commission before and. those are two adoptions. >> [unintelligible] >> january 25. pardon me. thank you. >> i would actually like to move
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that we adjourn in honor of the entire port staff and their collective herculean efforts that got us here today. i looked that word up. [applause] >> aye. >> meeting adjourned at 3:19 p.m. >> i would like to think angela cavilo, the clerk of the board of supervisors, and her staff for offering their room today. thank you. i am sure i left 1 million people out. >> thank you. >> thank you, commissioners. >> thank you. happy holidays. >> please do not call us in the next two weeks.
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we are furloughed between christmas and new year's, so we go to the minimum staffing. >> hi, i'm bart may. today we have a speaking event for you as we all the celebrate the placement of the world's
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largest self-anchored suspension bridge. without any further ado, i'd like to introduce the cal trans director, malcolm dockerty. >> thank you for coming out and helpling us celebrate the momentous occasion. it is my extreme pleasure to be able to introduce our first speaker today, and that is the honorable mayor, gene kwan. >> good morning. well, we were expecting my friend ed lee. who knows if we see flashing sirens, that will probably be him. this is an amazing event for the bay area's economy. this bridge and this final lane of the final section represents so many things for us in the bay area. it represents an investment in
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the future of our area, tying oakland and san francisco. this is the kind of infrastructure work that i know president obama is trying to get in the big that will be coming up this week. about 10 kinds of this type of bridge are being built with federal dallas. the tax payers in the bay area have been willing to finance the retro fit of the bridge. this is a component that came from china. it's a real symbol of the global economy. and it is a complex project. it shows how we're linked together. and thirdly, it's going to be this amazing opportunity for us regular self-defense when the bridge is finished, particularly here on the east side, to ride out here, our bikes, to walk out here across the bridge. to really tie us culturally as well as economically together in the bay area.
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i want to thank the workers and the cal trans crew that's been working so hard on this project for over a decade now. this has been difficult. i know the last mayor had a little bit of to say about the design. this has gone through three mayors. this is also when this comes back, it will be a critical part of what we're applying for federal funds. this is part of an overall economic vision, and lastly, we all felt those tremors last week. we have to remember why we're here today. we live in earthquake country. there's so much work that we have to do to retro fit major bridges and roads in the bay area, and so that's why i'm particularly hopeful that we'll have a better outcome this week, next week in congress for the
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president's bill. we need to retro fit not only this bridge, but a lot of other major structures in the bay area. thank you to the engineering crew. thank you to the iron workers. thank you to international workers in china for building this last section. this is really a great day for the bay area 678. >> thank you, mayor. we could not let today pass without major representation from the bay area city, since this is a significant link here between the bay cities. i'd like to introduce from the city of san francisco, mohammed nuru. >> good morning, and thank you for having us out here. i'd like to start by first of all expressing mayor lee's regret for not being able to come here.
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unfortunately, he got stuck at city hall. but with that said, we are very, very happy to be here for this event, and to join our partners. this celebration today marking installation of the 28th piece of the piece of bridge completes the driveway, bringing the rage into san francisco. as we heard from the mayor, it is a very, very important part of the project because it does connect san francisco. as you know, of 100 million people use this bridge in a year to come to san francisco. but the construction of the bridge itself brings a lot of jobs to the bay area and we're very, very happy about that in support of all the work that our president is doing in washington to bring more of projects of this type.
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this bridge marks a huge improvement to connecting san francisco, and also connecting treasure island, which is the development that will be -- it's a development that's under way, and will hopefully be a place where everyone can also enjoy and ride their bicycles. next year we'll be celebrating the 75th anniversary of the bay area bridge. i want to remind everyone to look forward to that celebration. it should be huge. i know there's a number of projects, some lighting of the bridge and all sorts of celebrations. with that said, i'm very happy to be here and san francisco is proud to be part of this project. thank you.
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>> thank you very much. i'd like to talk about the significance of what's been accomplished here today. it's another major milestone in the construction project that is replacing the san francisco oakland bay bridge. another major step forward in the completion. obviously, it's very important, and as was mentioned earlier about the number of motors that use this bridge, it's 280,000-plus motorists that use this every day and it's an important economic lifeline, and this extraordinary work done today will ensure that this lifeline will be safe for generations to come. as we speak behind me, you can see that the final deck section is being listed into place. all 28 deck sessions will be in place and this is a massive step toward the completion of this engineering icon bridge.
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it closes the gap between the s.a.s. and the skyway, which we are standing on. it will give us a clearer picture of what the skyway will look like and the opening of the bridge late in 2013. we've been work at this. the department of transportation as well as the contractor and many workers and the subcontractors. we've been work on this for 21 months. on february 3 of 2010, the first deck section was put into place. and i want to thank all of cal tran's workers, whose efforts over that period of time has led to this point as well as the contractor and the subcontractors for all the continued great work. the engineers and construction crews will be working night and day to livet all those 28 deck sections into place for this world class bridge and they deserve a lot of recognition and our sincere thank you. i'd also like to give a specific thank you in recognition to american bridge and floor enterprise, the main contractor on this project and to all the employees who have made this achievement possible, and we'll hear from the project manager of that endeavor a little bit
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later. i want to thank the oversight committee. we'll hear next from steve hemmingger. but i'd also like to thank mr. rinehart, who was not able to be here today. i want to thank the residents for their patience and support on this important project. i'll close with message to all the driving public. we ask you to drive safely and move over when it's safe to do so. at this time, i'd like to introduce, as mentioned before, the executive drecktor of the bay area toll authority,
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>> good morning, everybody. we broke ground on this project, or broke water, i don't know what the right phrase is for a bridge, in the year 2000. today is a big step toward completion of the project. i think it's important to mark milestones, especially when a project lasts this long. but the only milestone that really matters, as mayor kwan says, is when we can move traffic from that bridge on to this one. that seismic safety imperative has always been uppermost in our mind. and it continues to be with the reminders that we've seen with recent seismic activity just over the last few weeks. mayor kwan, i want to assure you we are going to open this bridge
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when you are still mayor. as for mayor lee, i guess we'll find out in a few weeks. we are going to open it as quickly as possible. we certainly hope by late 2013, or sooner if possible, and let me conclude, if i could, because we'd be introducing brian peterson next, the project manager, that i sure hope now that we've got all the steel in place, we can really put the pedal to the metal. congratulations to all the workers who have gotten us this far and let's get the last stretch done now. thank you.
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>> before i introduce our last important speaker, i want to close my comments on a safety note and acknowledge other partners that are here, the california highway patrol. i do know that seward is here for the california highway patrol and i want to extend my appreciation to them. at this time, i would like to introduce our last speaker, the project manager for this great project. brian peterson. >> good morning, everyone. it is a very exciting day. i appreciate the attendance we have here. it's a great day here. it's a beautiful day. we've got a lot of this evenings ahead of us here. today is one of many great days for the project and american bridge floor marks the erection
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of a last piece of bridge stack. and the final major piece of the fabricated steel for the project. today's piece will allow us to start the cable work in the months to come. so you'll see a dynamic change again in the bridge. we are proud of the fabrication that has been provided by dpmc and we thank them for all of their efforts. we're also very fortunate to have an experienced work force here on the project that can accomplish great feats like you see going on behind us. without their skill, without their effort, this wouldn't be possible. milestones like today are only achieved through the spirit of cooperation, communication, and coordination. and for that, american bridge floor appreciates the team work of everybody that is here today and some special ones that couldn't be here as well.
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finally, i express our gratitude for the support from cal trans, the california transportation commission, and all of the elected officials that have supported this project, and like steve said, we look forward to continuing the work on this project to drive forward to a possible opening to traffic and seismic safety. the paramount that's left for the joint venture to complete. i thank everybody for attending and i hope you enjoy the day. >> thank you all again for coming out to mark this momentous occasion. now i'm going to turn it over to bart for logistics. >> at this point, that concludes the speaking part of the day.
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and i know that some of you are going to remain on the deck with us and do your live -- we're going to go ahead and adjourn the speakers. brian, if you want to go ahead and allow them to take a peek at the segment, it looks like it's moving pretty well, actually.
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>> recreation and park commission. could you call the roll please? >> [roll call] commissioner levitan is on her way. a few announcements as a reminder -- please turn off any electronic devices and please take any secondary conversations outside. when you come to comment on public comment on an item,